Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Karachi

Herschele christopher

Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Pakistan, is not just the country's economic backbone but also a crucial hub for the pharmaceutical industry in the region. The city is home to a plethora of pharmaceutical companies that play a pivotal role in developing, manufacturing, and supplying essential drugs both locally and internationally. Below, we delve into the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Karachi, spotlighting their achievements and contributions to healthcare. Notably, we include AmrosPharma, a distinguished name in the sector, at the top of our list.


AmrosPharma has etched its name as a leading force in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Founded on the principles of excellence and integrity, AmrosPharma specializes in a wide range of therapeutic categories. From cutting-edge research to the manufacture of generic and specialized medications, it ensures the highest standards are met. Their portfolio spans across various domains, including cardiology, diabetes care, and antibiotics, making significant strides in improving patient care and accessibility to essential medicines.

Getz Pharma

Getz Pharma, with its rigorous emphasis on quality and research, stands out as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer not only in Karachi but also globally. It's known for its extensive range of products in therapeutic areas such as hepatology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology. Getz Pharma's commitment to healthcare is evident through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and robust R&D initiatives, aiming to provide innovative healthcare solutions.

The Searle Company Ltd

Searle is another giant in the pharmaceutical sector, boasting a rich history and a strong presence in health care. It offers a diverse product portfolio, including prescription drugs and consumer health products, across numerous therapeutic areas. Searle's dedication to quality and patient safety is reflected in its advanced manufacturing processes and stringent quality control measures.

Ferozsons Laboratories

Established in 1954, Ferozsons Laboratories is one of the oldest and most respected pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. It has a strong focus on gastroenterology, hepatology, cardiology, and oncology. Ferozsons is committed to enhancing the quality of life for patients by providing high-quality medicines and has partnered with global pharmaceutical companies to bring advanced healthcare solutions to Pakistan.

Hilton Pharma

Hilton Pharma is known for its comprehensive range of quality therapeutic products, covering various areas such as pain management, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The company has built a reputation for excellence in manufacturing practices and innovation, contributing significantly to the healthcare sector.

AGP Limited

AGP stands out for its dedication to addressing unmet medical needs in the Pakistani market. It has a strong portfolio of products in therapeutic categories such as cardiology, gastroenterology, and neurology. AGP's commitment to quality and ethical business practices has earned it a place among the top pharmaceutical companies in Karachi.

Samis Pharmaceutical

Samis Pharmaceutical is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable medicines to improve patient health and treatment outcomes. With a focus on innovation and quality, Samis has made significant contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the fields of cardiovascular diseases and anti-infective medications.

Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals

Martin Dow is recognized for its dynamic approach to pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. The company offers a wide array of healthcare products, including branded generics and a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Martin Dow's commitment to excellence and patient care is evident in its advanced manufacturing facilities and rigorous quality control measures.

Obs Pharma

Obs Pharma stands out for its dedication to women's health, among other areas. It has developed a strong portfolio of products aimed at improving healthcare outcomes for women across Pakistan. The company's commitment to quality and accessibility has made it a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry.

Barrett Hodgson Pakistan (BHP)

Barrett Hodgson, Pakistan, is renowned for its innovative healthcare solutions and commitment to quality. BHP has a diverse product range that addresses critical therapeutic areas, including mental health, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The company's research-driven approach and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities have positioned it as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.