Starting a new business or managing an existing one is quite challengeable task to be carried out – Because finding the money to begin a new enterprise is one of the complicated steps that every business owner faces. Well, if

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Company registration in Sri Lanka
Incorporating a business in Sri Lanka is compulsory once you have decided to run a company in Sri Lanka. However, there are several regulatory steps when proceeding for business registration. In order to lawfully run a business, these steps are

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5 Advantages of .COM.MY & .MY Domains You Need to Know
It has been analyzed that, on 31 July 2016 only, 319, 813 clients have opened their domain with.COM.MY or .MY. With that count in mind, it gives a clear view of how popular these domains are growing with time.  You

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company secretary in Malaysia
Responsibilities & duties of Company Secretary 1. Maintaining the statutory registers – members, directors and secretaries and directors’ interests 2. Ensuring that statutory forms are filed promptly 3. Sending the Registrar copies of resolutions and agreements  4. The main duty of the Company Secretary is to safeguard and protect such interests of the company

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