5 Advantages of .COM.MY & .MY Domains You Need to Know


It has been analyzed that, on 31 July 2016 only, 319, 813 clients have opened their domain with.COM.MY or .MY. With that count in mind, it gives a clear view of how popular these domains are growing with time.  You must know that.COM.MY or .MY domains are convenient and helping many in their business? Keep reading this article, as here we will figure out how.COM.MY & .MY Domains are boosting business in Malaysia.

1 Preferable SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you want your company website or blog to appear at the beginning of web search results? If this is so, a good SEO team is necessary. An advantage for a good SEO is having a local domain id. Nothing can go better than dot COM.MY/.MY domains in Malaysia.

Therefore, next time, when someone searches with “Malaysia” as a keyword, your website appears on the first page of Google search results.

2 Brief Domain Name

Brief domain names are advisable as it is convenient for people to remember your website. It is therefore wise to choose the right domain name. .MY domains are usually short and can easily be remembered.

It is easy for people to type it as well! Imagine if someone is interested with your products and wish to know more info, but your domain name is too hard to type in – It will cause them to give up on typing and searching more about you.

3 Better Choice for Malaysia Based Companies

It is made mandatory by the government of Malaysia to register with SSM when conducting online business. So, if you are still behind the schedule, register and enlist your business with SSM as soon as possible to carry out authentic trade in Malaysia.

If you are done with company formation formalities given by SSM, you can register any. COM.MY/.MY domain whenever you want without any legal hassle. Your competitors who haven’t registered yet not only are at risk of being fined, are also not eligible to register for .COM.MY/.MY domain.

4 promotes business branding

.MY and .COM.MY Domains can help you in establishing your online branding. If your company is online-based, for instance, e-commerce, company branding is the primary weapon you need to be prepared with. When you are selling a product or service in Malaysia, such a domain may come in handy for your web-based business. next to .com, .MY domain of your company can give target customers a stronger branding compares to another domain extension available.

5 Enhance Client reliability

Clients' reliability can easily be gained when a company in Malaysia is well established and properly incorporated. Possessing a .MY or.COM.MY Domain for a company definitely boosts that reliability factor when company detail and services are browsed online by customers in Malaysia. Here applicants are required to register with SSM, using a .MY / .COM.MY Domain for your company website which as a result can earn customer reliability and confidence during doing business.

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