Must buy travel items for new parents


Strap ‘em in!

Whether it’s a day outing or a long family holiday, ample preparation always pays off. Besides doing ample research on the transportation, hotels, destinations, and packing list, getting the right travel gear is also a priority. But fear not, new moms and dads, these useful travel accessories will help you and your child relax a little more, ensuring better quality time for the whole family. Click here

As easy as a walk in the park

Did you know strollers that aren’t collapsible or over 9kg are considered as check-in baggage? Then the next best thing to get would be a foldable stroller, especially the ones with a suitcase handle. Trust us, a simple addition like that makes portability a lot easier. PRO TIP: Be sure to leave more buffer time and arrive at the airport a little earlier to avoid any check-in hiccups. Plus, you’re also eligible to board the cabin earlier to guarantee space in the overhead compartments. So arrive ahead of time to ensure a smoother boarding.