Looking for small business ideas in Malaysia

Selamat Datang to Malaysia. Are you looking for startup small business ideas in Malaysia? As young investors can encourage to start small business at the beginning. Are you student of SPM, not graduated? Are you a graduate student? Do you have only one option and plan to become Grab driver! No, you will not have to do so. you have talent but no money! Mari lihat perniagaan mana yang sesuai untuk anda dan berminat bermakna anda mahu lakukan dari hati.
  1. Grab Driving
[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignleft" width="410"]<img src="Small Business Ideas for Malaysian" alt="Small Business Ideas in Free Guest Post Malaysia"/> Small business ideas in Malaysia[/caption] No, Grab, https://www.grab.com/my/  driving should not be your target of business as Malaysian. Rather, start other business from below that one you like most. 2. Street Food Seller As part time business is OK. If shop location near market, mall and condominium then consider to be regular seller as full time. 3. Gym Open Yes, rent or open Gym in your own property and start inspiration to young and old guys and make awareness of health. 4. Open Spa and Body Massage It’s a common business in Malaysia as noticeable in every area there is at least 1 (one) Spa and/ or Body Massage center. Still OK, if you can do well. Never worry about competitors before and after open any business. 5. Small Grocery Shop As everyone need basic goods to live so grocery shop business is always good to setup inside or near condominium or market. 6. Seasonal Item Seller Bermusim goods or foods selling is good considering part time business. Select the location where target customers are available. 7. Food Delivery (Catering)  Restaurant is common small business ideas in Malaysia and catering is good as well. Doing same business is need some plan to contact a group of people to order foods regularly. 8. Goods Delivery Goods delivery to market, super shop, home is good business ideas but order confirmation is required. 9. Training Center Yoga, Teaching, Language Course, IT, Web development, Online marketing and many more subjects on that training might be started. 10. Restaurant with Shisha Yes, as restaurant is common business and along with-it Shisha is profitable business also. Especially Saturday and Sunday night Shisha users join in group till long possible. As a result, volume of sales increase. 11. Mama Shop Indian Mama shop is located near of every bog condominium and mall and is good business ideas in Malaysia as Many Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani like the foods. 12. Bar (Walaupun Perniagaan Bar adalah terhad untuk Muslim Malaysia) Ia adalah perniagaan yang menguntungkan dan terkenal di kawasan Bukit Bintang dan Langkawi. Walau bagaimanapun, kebanyakan pelancong dari China dan asing sering minum pada hujung minggu. 13.  Home Delivery Paper, food, parcel and green daily food can take order to deliver at home is one of a good business idea.
  1. Juice and Kek Shop
This business can start in small space as weather of Malaysia is normally warm and walker, tourist and all guys like to drink juice and eat fruit. Select area where population density is higher and people normally walk in street.
  1. Electric Shop
Find out electrician is not easier and contact to drill, maintain electric items an emergency. Most of them come after certain time as schedule but electric case is normally emergency for all. Electrician and electric shop business setup near condominium is smart business plan. 16. Kunci Pembuat (Key Maker) You are taking this one as fun! No, not at all. Did you imagine the cost and availability of Key, door and access card? Did you think about profit margin for this business? 17. Photocopy, Print, Business Card (Salinan, Cetak, Kad Perniagaan) It’s a very good small business ideas in Malaysia as all items in one shop is not available in your nearest place that you never know.

Small Business Ideas for Malaysian

  1. Fruit Shop (at Bukit Bintang)
Setting up small fruit shop in tourist place is good idea, Bukit Bintang, Melaka, Ganting, Lankawi etc. 19. Online Business It’s always uprising small business ideas as people are engaging more in internet day by day. People like to order by online to save time. 20. Website Developer As day by day all of we are depending on virtual world to find our need whereas website design and development works to build website and customers like to show the product in website to sell in online market. 21. Parlor (ruang tamu) Oleh kerana semua orang suka kecantikan dan sebahagian daripada pendapatan terbuang kelihatan cantik. Sekiranya ada salon lain di tempat yang anda mahukan, anda masih boleh membuka dan mengambil cabaran. 22. Kindergarten (tadika) Before admit to school students are admitted in pre-school to prepare of main school education. It’s good business ideas indeed that a group of educated friends can start up. 23. Property Rent Agent We have noticed property rent agents are only Chinese people whereas Malaysian local are not interested to do this business. Is not its stupid idea for Malay! However, do not let a group of people be king of one sector. Actually, it’s a smart business but takes time to come in profit wall. 24. Car Rent (Kereta Sewa) Old business ideas and still ok, can choice and start. 25. Car and Bike Wash (basuh kereta dan basikal) 3-5 people jointly can start and know-how guy should be a member in the group. 26. Online Furniture Sell If anyone like to buy furniture first choice is IKEA and some others but office furniture! Ready furniture is rare! Yes, rare ready office furniture and some of furniture are displayed in Apex, http://www.apexof.com.my/Products . Most of the shops take order and deliver after 15 days. But the buyer want to by cash and instant goods. 27. Phone and Top up Shop Small shop for selling phone and top up for Digi, https://new.digi.com.my/home UM, Celcom etc with mobile SIM is good item of small business ideas in Malaysia.
  1. Sayuran
Menyampaikan kepada restoran dan kedai super pada waktu pagi oleh kenderaan sendiri adalah idea dan rancangan perniagaan separuh masa yang baik. Tips:·        Take risk and stay with patience·        Make plan everyday to develop your business·        Think why your competitors are doing well·        Expect profit will be started after 3 years and try to come in break even point as soon as possible.·        Never hopeless and let down·        Stay with patience… Terima kasih. Anda boleh komen di sini. Saya akan cuba menjawab. Now Anyone Can Submit Free Guest Post in Malaysia