Best things to do in Cameroon

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There are a wide variety of attractions in Cameroon, but the nation is not a very well-liked travel destination. However, this African excursion is unexpected and ideal for an exciting excursion. If you are also looking forward to exploring the same destination, you have to take a glance at the following post. You will find a few exciting places to explore in the same location.

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These are the topmost attractions in Cameroon!

The Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano and Africa's tallest mountain in both Central and West Africa. It is among the most well-liked sights in Cameroon, and its splendor will astound you.

Hiking is the most enjoyable activity on the mountain. It's preferable to accomplish this with a guide. The park's entrance is usually where you may find guides. It is best to haggle over the price and make your payment later. It is safer to go with a guide even though you can venture out alone as well.

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Almost in the middle of Cameroon, the capital, Yaounde, is a convenient location for travel. In comparison to other parts of the nation, it boasts a better standard of life, more security, a good selection of lodging options, dining options, and fascinating tourism destinations.


Limbe, a stunning coastal city on Cameroon's west coast, is a well-liked tourist destination. Located on a lovely harbor and surrounded by a massive mountain range, Limbe was a significant port city during the colonial era and still has some of its historical charm.

Tour of the Cameroon

Going to Cameroon with a guide is the best option. This is still a really worthwhile, exciting, and pleasant country. However, it might be challenging to find lodging, public transportation, and safety when traveling alone. A planned return journey is simpler. Next, there is a driver who serves as both a guide and a driver. You can enhance your traveling experience by visiting this place.

The Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls

The Legend of Tarzan is well-known for including the Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls. The waterfalls reach a maximum height of 82 meters and, following inclement weather, are even more astounding. They are situated close to Melong.

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Park Waza National

A nice area to go on safari is Waza National Park. Elephants are the park's most well-known feature. There's no doubt you'll see them. If fortune favors you, you may spot lions, hippopotamuses, giraffes, and other kinds of monkeys, including baboons. You should definitely explore this place when you plan to come to Cameroon.