Caspian University: The World is Here


Caspian University Kazakhstan is a multidisciplinary university that provides high-quality, ongoing education to medical students. Professionalism, as well as adherence to the most significant professional and moral values, is one of the most fundamental ideals and an ideal place to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. To transmit in-depth medical science knowledge and high-quality education, the institution places a great premium on developing technologies.


University Highlights

  • Low Cost of Living

  • Have Proficient Faculties

  • USMLE | PLAB Coaching

  • Approved by MCI and WHO


Caspian University Kazakhstan is a multidisciplinary university that provides medical students with high-quality, ongoing education. Professionalism is one of the most essential ideals, as is devotion to the most important professional and moral norms. Innovation is critical, and the institution places a high value on developing technologies to distribute in-depth medical science knowledge and high-quality education.

The MBBS abroad is in high demand and will continue to be so in the domains of transdisciplinary research and medical treatment. Medical education's only purpose is to increase the number of doctors accessible for patient care and medical research. Caspian University recognized a need and founded Caspian University Kazakhstan under its auspices. The medical school features cutting-edge lecture halls, learning facilities, and training facilities.

Caspian University Kazakhstan has a distinguished history as a worthy medical college in Kazakhstan. Caspain, the university's name, refers to the university's ties to Kazakhstan's western region. Caspian University Kazakhstan was formed with an emphasis on oil and gas, geology, and exploration. Caspian University's Graduate School of Medical Education now offers these in-demand specialties. In 2010, the Graduate School of Engineering offered architecture, design, and building as subjects. Here are some of the country's greatest teachers.


Why should you enroll at Caspian University?

  • Caspian University is a famous private university in Kazakhstan.

  • The university is capable of providing medical training to its applicants at respected medical institutions' clinical settings.

  • More than 200 instructors, the majority of whom are famous clinicians and worldwide experts, manage medical education.

  • Students will be able to practice and study in other countries through the academic mobility initiative. Caspian University maintains close relationships with universities both in the country and overseas.

  • Specific clinical specializations undergo hands-on training in Almaty's leading medical centers.

Caspian International School of Medicine General Information

Caspian International School of Medicine is a multidisciplinary institution that provides quality continuing education through pre-secondary education (college), bachelor's degree, and Magistracy (University) degrees. Caspian University has 18 bachelor's degree specialties, 6 master's degree specialties, and two doctoral PhD specialties.

Professionalism, as well as adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards, are important principles of Caspian Universities. The university uses innovation as a source of new knowledge development and learning technology. Caspian University is today the guarantee of great education, striving to meet high international standards as the owner of the national quality mark "Flawless." Thus MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students is the best choice


Why Should You Study Medicine at Caspian International School of Medicine?

  • Medical University delivers instruction in English.

  • There is no donation fee or other cost.

  • Faculty members have extensive knowledge and expertise in their disciplines.

  • Furthermore, the university offers a variety of cultural and extracurricular activities to its students.

  • There are also hostels with all the necessities for students.


Caspian International School of Medicine students' lifestyle. 

Medical education is in high demand today and will be in the future in domains such as multidisciplinary research and healthcare. Today, the sole goal of medical education is to increase the number of doctors accessible for patient care and medical research, as well as to address the global shortage of doctors with high-quality education.

In response to this need, Caspian University founded the Caspian International School of Medicine under the University's jurisdiction. 

The medical school will have cutting-edge lecture halls and learning facilities. The university will accommodate multiple medical academic departments, as well as well-equipped labs and training centers.


Caspian International School of Medicine Admission Requirements

  • Candidates must have completed a higher secondary school diploma with Science topics such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  • Candidates must have a minimum of 50% in PCB in their 12th results.

  • Students must be 17 years old or older to study medicine at this university.

  • All Indian students studying MBBS overseas must pass the NEET exams.


Caspian International School of Medicine has a hostel and a mess.

The university features an excellent hostel campus with free Wi-Fi. Single, double, and triple rooms are offered for students. There are also separate hostels for men and women. Beds, chairs, tables, and other necessities are provided at all hostels. MBBS in Kazakhstan fee structure is also very affordable A supermarket, a clinic, a pharmacy, and other amenities are available on campus. The hostel is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mess is also offered to Indian students on campus. All students must follow rigorous hostel rules. The hostel also offers Indian cuisine.