Materials for Durable and Eco-friendly Custom Display Boxes in Retail

Brook Harry

Packaging materials are the materials used to package products. Packaging can be made from many different types of materials, depending upon your needs and budget. Boxes are made of paperboard, corrugated cardboard or rigid that have been laminated together with glue.

All of these factors are impacted by your choice of display material. Common display materials are acrylic, cardboard, wood, and metal. In this blog, we’ve developed a guide detailing the various display materials and the benefits and characteristics they lend to the success of your custom product display boxes in retail.

Different Types of Packaging Materials:

There are many different types of packaging materials. Paper packaging, cardboard packaging, plastic and more all serve a purpose when you are shipping your products. There are also many different types of packaging materials for custom product display boxes that can be used in the shipping process. You’ll need to look at what will work best for your business or product before choosing the type of custom product display box with lock that will be most effective for your needs.

The Most Common Materials:

Paper and cardboard are the most common materials for retail display boxes. They are cheap, easy to work with, and can be recycled or composted.

Paperboard is made of paper and cardboard. It’s often used in retail display boxes because it’s strong enough to hold heavier items like books or DVDs without breaking apart under pressure. Corrugated cardboard is made of corrugated paper on one side, then regular paper on top. The patterning gives it its name–it looks like a series of tree roots growing out from the surface of your box!

Sturdy Corrugated Cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard is a type of paperboard that consists of a series of thin layers of paper. It is often used to make custom product lockable display box and carton, as it is strong, durable, and easy to work with.


Paperboard is a common packaging material used to make display box small. Paperboard can be made of paper or corrugated material. The most common form of paperboard is made from wood pulp and/or cotton fibers, which are then processed into sheets for use in box manufacturing. In addition to using recycled content in its production process, paper manufacturers also use virgin wood pulp from sustainable forests that have been harvested without destroying the rainforests.

In addition to being sourced from sustainable packaging sources, some types of recycled materials are also used in making cardboard packaging boxes such as corrugated boxes (cardboard).

Acrylic Displays:

Acrylic is a versatile material usually sold in sheets but is also manufactured in different shapes, such as tubes and rods. It is available in varied thicknesses, colors, opacities, and finishes. An appealing characteristic of acrylic is its ability to be easily shaped to fit exacting specifications, making it an excellent option for display construction.


Acrylic is a popular choice for custom display packaging for many reasons, including:

Attention-grabbing design capabilities:

 Acrylic is highly transparent and available in a range of sizes and shapes, which can help draw attention to the products on display.  It can also be imbued with a variety of bright colors to further engage consumers.


 Acrylic’s sturdy design gives it strength and durability not possessed by other materials. Retail display boxes made from acrylic are difficult to break and can withstand repeated touch in high-traffic areas. Acrylic displays don’t rust or scratch like metal displays. For outdoor use, acrylic has a longer life than wooden displays.

Economical and simple to assemble:

Acrylic is a more cost-effective option compared to other materials, like wood or metal. Its light weight makes it easy to transport and set up.


Using acrylic materials for custom display boxes provides better visibility for products. Colorful acrylic displays motivate and influence the customer’s purchase decision with their bright, welcoming features.

Because of its durability, transparency, light weight, and long life, the uses for this budget-friendly material include acrylic custom product display boxes, podiums, display boxes, signage, covers, and bases.

Cardboard Displays:

Also known as corrugated cardboard, this type comes in rolls with perforations along its length so air can pass through it easily during manufacture. These perforations also allow for easier removal from the factory floor once finished products have been formed from them. The surface finishing options include textured finishes such as foil stamping which adds texture to surfaces before adding graphics. Smooth premium finishes like clear coatings will provide additional protection against damage caused by moisture exposure while keeping colors bright without dulling over time.

Cardboard is an economical choice for temporary or seasonal indoor displays. Because cardboard is simple to manufacture, brands can quickly update their displays to accommodate new marketing strategies. Cardboard displays can be printed with eye-catching graphics and can easily be cut and shaped to form striking flat or 3-dimensional constructions.


Cardboard is a lightweight substitute for metal, plastic, and wood. It’s widely used as display material because of the following benefits:

·         Easier to move, assemble, and disassemble than metal or wood.

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Economical

·         Low-cost shipping

·         Available in versatile sizes and shapes

·         Lightweight

·         Uses less storage space than wood, plastic, or metal

·         Available with digitally printed graphics

·         Heavy-duty

·         Recyclable


These custom product display boxes can be utilised to display a wide variety of products. You can alter their shape, size and style according to your brand requirement and product use. In other words, whether you are selling jewellery items, gift items or skincare products, Kraft display box is a perfect option for displaying products.

The customer-pleasing appearance and unlimited styling options entice the buyers and make them intrigued about your products. Once you get the attention of the buyers, you can surely make them purchase your product and trust your brand. As a result, your brand gets recognition among your target customers, and you get many marketing benefits with custom made kraft display boxes.

Wrapping up:

Nearly, every industry that sells products in a retail store needs product display boxes to encourage impulse purchases or sell promotional products. The needs of each industry vary, so it’s important to select the right display material which is durable and eco-friendly to achieve the most effective display.

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