A Guide What To Check Before You Rent An Apartment?

Renting an apartment is a whole science, and when you first encounter a search for housing, there is a great risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters. So, what to look for, what documents to check and what should be alarming when renting an apartment. Renting an apartment is a whole science, and when you first encounter a search for housing, there is a great risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters. So, what to look for, what documents to check and what should be alarming when renting an apartment. Examine prices in the rental housing market. Found an ad where an apartment is offered for 25 thousand rubles in the center of Moscow with a good repair? Forget about her, she does not exist. You will call the telephone number indicated and there, most likely, they will say that it has already been handed over, but you can consider another excellent option. This will be an apartment more expensive than the specified price and much worse. So unscrupulous realtors lure customers. How to recognize "fake" ad? To understand what the rental price is adequate, and what is suspiciously cheap, you need to study the market. Analyze rental announcements in the area of interest to you, call the indicated phones to check the reality of the apartments, and after a few hours you will already understand that for 25-30 thousand rubles within the Garden Ring you will not remove anything decent, but in the sleeping areas possibly. Now you can check more deep avail abilities here. https://speedhome.com/ How to rent an apartment without a mediator Do not get fooled by tricks scam In 95% of cases you still have to deal with a realtor. Even if you are looking for housing on your own, the agent will almost certainly be the owner. There are scammers who, posing as realtors, offer to see an apartment for money (the apartment is just gorgeous and you want to rent it for sure) or offer you to buy a database of owners who rent apartments (then you can enter into an agreement directly and not have to pay a commission to a realtor). Of course, all this is cheating. Also, do not cooperate with agents who show you fake photos, but in fact the apartments are completely different. If he is unfair in this matter, then he can cheat in another. How to avoid becoming a victim of scam when renting an apartment Check the documents of the owner When you liked the apartment and you already think that you found the one, be sure to ask the documents. You need to check the certificate of ownership of the apartment, passport and receipt of payment of utility bills. - Certificate of title What to look at? First, the data in this document and in the passport must match. Secondly, you will see that you really are the owner of the property. Anyone can show an apartment - a realtor, a neighbor, a relative, but the contract must be signed only with the owner, or with a person who has a notarized power of attorney from the owner. Otherwise, the next day, after you mark a housewarming party, the real owner of the apartment comes and simply expels you. And you lose all the money already paid. Also pay attention to the number of owners. If there are several of them, then it is necessary to require written consent from all owners to rent an apartment. The consequence will be about the same - for example, the ex-wife will come, say that no one asked her, and give one day for eviction. Almost certainly it is their joint agreement, because they will get all your money. - Receipts for payment of utility services In the receipts, see the information on the debt for the previous months. If it is, then demand to repay the debt. At some point, either the owner will want to assign this amount to you, or, in the case of large debts, public utilities will threaten to disable your services. Carefully inspect the apartment This is another step before the conclusion of the contract. It is necessary to check everything in the apartment - whether the household appliances are working, whether the tap is flowing, whether the legs are not broken at the sofa or the armrests at the chair. All information about the condition of the apartment must be registered in the act of acceptance and transfer of property. Often in a hurry, the realtors or the owners themselves write the standard wording "in satisfactory condition" or "in good condition". It is better to fix everything meticulously, so that you will not be asked to refund the cost of the originally scratched laminate. Read the contract from and to It doesn't matter if the realtor concludes the contract or you took a model from the Internet, do not be too lazy to study it carefully. In the contract, you need to check the name and passport details of the owner of the apartment, the address of the apartment, indicate the rental period and cost, conditions for reviewing housing fees, conditions and procedures for early termination of the contract and penalties, and even the number of visits of the owner. So, if you forget about this item, then the owner will be able to easily come to you at least every day, ostensibly with a check. You can hardly stand it and decide to move out, which means that the sanctions will be imposed on you for terminating the contract. Or, if you verbally say that you will live with a cat, but do not list it in the contract, one day it could be the reason for your eviction. And do not forget about the most detailed inventory of property in the annex to the contract - the act of acceptance and transfer. Tax deduction for the tenant. The owner will suffer Assess the adequacy of the owner Anyway, in any case, you will need to communicate with the owner. Let's say you will transfer the payment to the card, but ... the tap broke, a letter arrived in the mailbox, the neighbors offered to fold on the barrier. And the number of visits can be limited in the contract, but not the number of calls. Some grandmothers who rent out apartments consider it their duty to be too intrusive to worry about tenants. All this can be understood when meeting with the owners and weigh whether you can accept this. Pay the first month, bail, commission. You need to understand that when renting an apartment, you should immediately prepare three amounts - the payment for the first month, the deposit and the commission to the realtor. The deposit you pay to the owner, usually it is equal to the monthly payment for rent. Some owners agree to split the payment by two months. The pledge is a kind of protection of the owner, because he can also be deceived. Suddenly you take all the equipment and move out of the apartment or ruin all the furniture? The deposit is either returned at the end of the lease term (if nothing is damaged), or by agreement you can live for the last month against this amount. The commission goes to the realtor and you pay it. Usually, only when renting an expensive apartment to the agent the owner he pays. The amount may be different - as 10% of the rental price for the month, and 100%.