Perm State Medical University Fees for Indian Students 2024-25

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Perm State Medical University in Russia, usually known as PSMU Russia, was established on October 14, 1916. It is one of Russia's ancient universities. It marked its 100th anniversary in 2016. It has about 569 staff, 18000 undergraduates, and 160 international students from 21 countries. The academic faculty at the institution consists of 1800 professors. Currently, two polyclinics operate within the institution. In addition, 9 well-equipped hospitals are affiliated with the university. Since 2016, PSMU University has now begun to offer English language courses. Despite this, there are certain areas of great concern, such as the low MCI ratio. A low MCI ratio would pose several challenges for an Indian student seeking a license to practice in India.


India's National Medical Commission (NMC) - NMC guidelines set the rules for foreign medical graduates, and Perm State Medical University, like other Russian medical schools, follows them. These criteria are critical for Indian students planning to study medicine overseas and practice in India. 


Perm state medical university location


  • Perm is located in the eastern areas of Europe. It is the third-largest city in Russia. Currently, there are 24 universities, 25 museums, and 48 libraries. It is 1400 km away from Moscow.

  • Perm in Russia is well-known for its ancient history, limestone caverns, and untamed rivers.

  • There are about 30 orthodox churches, chapels, and community centers for different religious confessions.

  • It is also known as Russia's dynamic study because of its virtual 3D aquarium, recreation centers, amusement parks, and sculpted fences.

  • Winters may be quite cold. The lowest recorded temperature is -44.90°C. It stays between -0.9 and -16.20°C. Even the Natives have a significant problem.


Perm State Medical University russia fee structure


It is the best medical college in Russia, ranking first out of five. International students can pay the fees for the five-year MBBS degree.

Perm State Medical University's fee structure is listed below:


The total cost of going to Perm State Medical University MBBS Fees to get your MBBS is 30,000 rubles.


Duration of course (years)

Total tuition fee (RUB)


5 + 1 Years



Tution Fee($)

Hostel Fee($)

One Time Charge($)

1st Year




2nd Year




3rd Year




4th Year




5th Year




6th Year 









Note: 1 USD = Rs. 71 (approximate)


For processing charges, you may contact +91 7217219100.

How to Get into Perm State Medical University or how to get into perm state medical university

To apply to Perm State Medical University in Russia for MBBS entrance, students must do the following:

Step Step:


Students must fill out the online application form for entry to the university.


Step 2:


You can turn in all of your paperwork online or at the "Education Vibes" office.


Step 3:


Student finalists will get a welcome letter in two weeks.


Step 4: 


Students must pay the academy's school fee once they receive an appointment letter.


Step 5: 


A student's original payment receipt and an invitation letter from their school are required documents for a student visa application.


Perm State Medical University: Important Dates and Intake 2024


Here are the important dates for admission to Perm State Medical University:



Application Start Date


Invitation Letter

Within 1 month,

Admission Start Date


Last Date of Application


Perm state medical university hostel


Perm State Medical University offers students the following hostel and mess facilities:


  • Perm State Medical University provides students with seven shared hostels.

  • Rooms include two or three beds for sharing.

  • Every room has 24-hour internet access.

  • All necessary contemporary conveniences are given, including a pillow, blanket, bedsheet, mattresses, tables, and chairs.

  • Indian students in Perm have access to Indian eateries and cuisine.

  • Students have access to a communal kitchen where they may make their own meals.

  • The city also has several Indian eateries.

  • Rooms are provided for study during training sessions.

  • All students have access to the recreation room, gym, and laundry rooms.




Feel free to contact or click on  for more information about Perm State Medical University, as well as any one-time costs or processing fees.