Which is the Best University to Study Medicine in Georgia?

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Alte University is rich in heritage and culture and charges about 33000 USD as an annual tuition fee for 5 years of classroom training and 1 year of internship. The FMGE passing ratio of the university is 33% and it is highly suitable for maintaining the criteria of a good education at affordable costs. The university is highly equipped with professionals and modern infrastructure. The University of Georgia provides a wide range of courses for students. The Alte University focuses on deepening practical knowledge for students not only reserved to the book but helps in the overall transformation of international recipients.


 Georgia is the gateway of well-managed medicinal courses provided in highly deemed universities like the Alte University and the Georgian National University SEU. Where the Alte University deepens the practical knowledge of an individual who comes to wing his dreams abroad, the Georgian National University is exuding in extravagance with top-notch facilities.  Georgia has been the face of lavish infrastructure, modern intellect, and affordable fees. Incredible scenic views, fee slab of 35 to 45 lakhs annually, good FMGE % of universities, highly esteemed laureates who train students for NEXT and FMGE in worthy institutes like Geomedi University, and the active participation in global events at the SEU Georgia make the place none less than a microcosm of great standards and profound knowledge.


A comparison Window into the best universities of Georgia 


ALTE University - The Alte University is a highly affordable university that provides a recognized MBBS degree for a duration of 6 years. The fee structure of the university is highly relaxed and costs up to 33000 USD. The university enjoys a modern infrastructure with 7 substantial administrative blocks. The university is accredited by the WHO, UNESCO, NMC, ECFMG and Faimer.


Alte University Georgia  has a distinguished rank of 26 and a world rank of 9614. The ranking and affordable fee structure of the prestigious organization make it top of the list of reputed colleges in Georgia. The university has a hospital inside the campus and The enriching faculties at the university include the Faculty of, Economics, Humanities, Dentistry, and Mechanical Engineering and Law. Divine courses restructure the ambiance of the university like Dentistry, Pedagogy, Paediatrics, Nursing Surgery, and Pharmacy.


Georgian National University -The university is dedicated to the field of medicine and is one of the most privileged recognitions by AMEE and AMSE. The university has a well-furnished hospital which is AMTS. The university has exchange programs at the top educational institutions and is the top 5 universities in Georgia in terms of graduate employment. The educational philosophy of the university enables the students to embrace education relevant to the requirements of the 21st century. 

The main goal of the medicine program at the university is to inculcate and develop a reasonable understanding of biomedical and clinical sciences, case-based clinical reasoning, and fostering the need for professional physician responsibilities. The university has the most extravagant infrastructure which equips the best technologies, international faculties, accreditation in Jordan, accommodation, and high street life living which opens a window into the lighted ambiance of the university. The cost of living in the university includes 2500 USD of monthly expenses comprising of food and accommodation.


Top Bottom Line

Alte University is one of the most credential universities in Georgia where the magnificence of academic structure meets high-class nobility of teaching. With an astounding rank and frugal fee structure, the university highs the meter of elite education in Georgia and makes it a sight to behold.