The best 10 cameras and photo editing apps for iPhone

10 Best Camera and Photo Editing App for iPhone

We usually use the smartphone’s default camera app to take pictures with a smartphone. Smartphone’s default camera app is made especially for smartphones, but most of the default apps do not have many features. Like the ISO or Aperture, the default camera app is automatically set. But if you want to take beautiful pictures and want to get professional attention in the picture, you will need some special features, the default camera app cannot give it to you.

So today I’ve brought you a feature-rich 10-camera and photo editing app for iPhone.


If you are a professional photographer and want to do photography with a smartphone, then you must try to use this app. Because you can find almost all the features of a digital SLR camera in the Halide app. Although you can use this app as a normal camera app.

But by swiping just once you can make your iPhone a professional camera with this app. You can control many things in the Halide app. Such as Focus, ISO, Shutter Speed. Even you can fix exposure in the halide app.


Last year, the Prisma App was widely used in our country. First of all, when the app comes out only for the iPhone, its developers find the popularity of Prisma apps for Android. I think you’ve already used the prescription. Then you can use it again.

Because this app is not like another general filter app. The Prisma App can make your image look like a picture of many famous artists. Although this app is installed on your phone, the real work of image editing is on their servers. So, if you use your Prisma, your smartphone will not be slow.

Google Photo Scan

Google Photoscan is a great app of google. Although easy to edit photos on a computer, there are many problems that are beautifully made by editing old printed photos. Because the first printed images have to be scanned and edited. And it’s a lot of time-consuming.

Many people do not have photo scanners. So you can use the Google PhotosCan app. Using this app, you can give a digital look to any old image. There will be no more fear of losing the picture.


Although it is a photo sharing apps, Even then, Instagram has a lot of filters and collection of editing tools to make your captured photos very simple to attractive.. If you are using a smartphone and are connected to the internet, I think you know about Instagram.

Many have used it again. Instagram is very popular because Instagram is very easy to use. And most importantly, it’s free. And it is connected with Facebook.


The best photo editing app Pixlr I have seen for iOS. If you start editing photos with this app, you will not be able to understand the time when it will pass. This app has Photoshop like layer system. So editing photos is a lot easier. And it’s very easy to give effect to photos. And if you make any mistake in editing, You can also fix this with the app.


If you’re looking for a feature-rich but easy-to-edit photo editor. Then download this app without worrying. There are many problems finding free photo editors in the App Store. But this app is free. You can also take pictures with this app.

And this is an extraordinary feature for taking photos with this app. it works a lot And you will help a lot to blur the background of your photo subject.


You can use the LifeCake app to organize your photos. And you can see the pictures by time. You can download the app from the app store is free.


If you use a lot of filters in your pictures, you can try this app. Because this app has around 600 filters. From there you can make your picture beautiful by filtering your choice.

There are many tools to edit photos in this app. The app updates regularly so you can get new features from this app.


This app has many functions to give different effects to the photos. Although the app works well on the big screen’s iPhone. That means this app will work well on iPhone 6 /7 or above. But those who have iPhone 5 have nothing to fear. Because it will work very well on your phone too.

Pixel Wakker

This app is totally different from all other apps. Because this app can separate your image according to dot, line, color. The pixel walker app can make your image look different. It’s a different kind of app I’ve seen. You cannot find these features in any other app.

For the updated download link, look in the video description.

Thank you.

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