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Bio-Hacking Newsletter – June 2019

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DNA Hacking
There has been a lot of buzz recently about DNA hacking, a.k.a gene hacking or bio-hacking, which basically refers to the DIY process that exploits your DNA sequence, understands your genes and in turn allows you to tailor your lifestyle habits to minimize the impact of predisposed diseases. Picture this, by knowing which specific foods have the most impact on your health and wellbeing you may be able to minimize or even avoid contracting particular diseases such as diabetes that your DNA test analysis currently may show you as being a high-risk candidate for as you age. Or by knowing that exercise may not help you in losing those extra pounds based on your genetic makeup. These are some of the answers that DNA hacking will provide you in order to fine tune your wellbeing as you age.
Sally, is one of several million individuals who had their DNA sequenced through a direct-to-consumer company, such as 23andMe and FTDNA. She felt that the raw data she received can tell more than her ancestral story and needed help with analyzing the results. She then reached out to third party analysis service companies to analyze her DNA but was overwhelmed with the terminology of the report obtained from them. She described the analysis report as a “Genetic Horoscope” but was no closer to benefit from the results than she was when she started. She was also concerned about the privacy of her own data considering that some of the reports were generated free of charge to her and she has heard that the companies were selling her data for “research purposes” to other corporations. Other companies that have claimed to not resell that data, employed a Freemium model whereby basic analysis were done for free and a more detailed report cost a hefty sum of money. She was almost ready to give up when she came across the DNA analysis specialists at DNA to Z ( who offered her a premium comprehensive DNA hacking report for $75 and guaranteed that her data privacy will be ensured with all of her data being erased from their encrypted servers within 30 days. The data was emailed to Sally’s inbox and was never posted online.
One of the surprising findings that Sally observed was her higher risk of suffering from Amnesia with age and the recommendation to cut back on her fat and sugar intake to significantly reduce the chances of mental decline as she ages. This was one of the tens of recommendations made by the DNA to Z team in their report.
Sally was extremely impressed with the results of the report from DNA to Z and the recommendations which she is currently working with her health/nutritional professionals to implement. Sally is now living a healthy lifestyle with the peace of mind in knowing that she is working towards a healthy future.

So how and why should you hack your genes?

Most labs sequence about 700,000 letters on your DNA with high accuracy to determine your ethnic origin or find out your close relatives. However, these letters (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs) also provide a fairly precise snapshot of your genes. Knowing the sequence of your genes is a valuable tool that you can hack to learn about your traits and disease predispositions. In a nutshell, you can download your raw DNA data (sequencing results from your DNA test lab) then upload the file to a DNA analysis company to obtain a full genetic report.

Once you receive your report(s), usually within 12 hours, there are several things you can do to hack your genes. A good third-party tool will make the gene hacking report readily available to you. But if you are a medical explorer you could dig deeper into your SNPs and read more details about each and every SNP from the provided medical research links.
If you get concerned about serious health risks in your report then it is advisable to seek the service of a certified genetic consultant, whether in person or online. But the real benefit and quick action to take by hacking your genes, after you’ve identified the risky ones, is to follow the recommended diet or lifestyle changes that will reduce the expression of the bad genes and ensure healthy living and aging. Go to and hack your DNA today!

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