How to Create an Online Bus Booking System

How to Create an Online Bus Booking System

Creating an online bus booking system is no more a difficult task. By using WordPress bus booking plugin you can easily create an online bus booking system at your WordPress website in minutes. It will allow you to easily manage bus seat arrangement, bus tickets category, ticket price etc.

By creating an online bus ticketing system you can easily boost bus tickets sales because the online platform can engage more customer.

One of the best plugin for creating bus ticket booking system is —“Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation”. This is all in one bus booking plugin, it has all the necessary features and functionality for creating online bus booking system.

Key Features of –Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation Plugin

Support Online Payment: you can integrate any types of online payment system to your online bus booking system. This allows the customer to buy bus tickets by making necessary payments.

Support creating bus seat plan: From the backend of the plugin you can easily create any types of seat plan for any types of buses (double-decker, single decker etc.)

Bus category and price management: Within your bus booking system you can easily add bus category (AC, Non-Ac etc.). You can also categories bus ticket price according to bus category.

Customer registration form: The plugin comes with the custom registration form, you can use this form to collect necessary details of passengers such as name, phone, and email, age etc.

PDF bus tickets with email conformation: anyone who buys bus tickets will receive a confirmation message with pdf bus tickets. The ticket will have necessary information like – name, seat number, payment details, journey date etc.

Other Necessary Features

  • Support Adding bus departures point, boarding point and routes.
  • Integrate google map with bus departures point.
  • Allow adding bus journey date, departure time, dropping time etc.
  • Add unlimited bus booking system using one plugin.
  • This plugin is highly customizable and developer friendly,
  • Comes with many template and add-ons.
  • Come with shortcode- (display bus booking system on any page of the website).

This plugin actually has two different versions 1. Free version and 2.Pro version. The free version is available at WordPress repository and it is free to download. However, the pro version has some advanced features over free version and it will cost you around 79$.

There are also many separate paid add-ons available for this plugins. Each add-on has different functionality. Such as QR-code add-on is used to print QR code on pdf bus tickets. Letter on this QR code can be scanned to check-in the passenger or to identify real for fake tickets.

Overall this is all in one WordPress bus booking plugin with awesome advanced features. You will not find a single bus booking plugin except this, with this much features and functionality.

Legal Permission of Starting Bus Business

If you want to start a bus business in a foreign country, you may need to deal with lots of legal permission. Such as government approval, income tax file, transport license and many more. Don’t worry!! S & F consulting firm is always therefore you, the will work on behalf of you to get all legal permission for starting your bus business in any foreign counties.

Wrapping Up!!

Creating a custom online bus booking software can cost you a huge amount of money. So, I suggest you to use bus booking plugin instead of developing a new software. If you can create a bus booking system under 100 dollar, why would you waste thousands of dollars creating a custom software? The choice is yours!!

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