New Information of Malaysia Technology

The primary aim of coming up with new technology is to solve problems. When it comes to new technology in Malaysia, many Malaysian startups are using latest technologies such as block chain and machine learning. They use them to help companies and individuals carry out their functions. Many startups are about taking things online, modernizing services, and making the existing players think outside the box.

The good thing about Malaysian startups is that they are making customers change the way they view services and products. That’s by providing you with new ways to interact with service providers. In this Information and communication technology Malaysia guide, we’ll look at 5 startups that are solving everyday problems.


The Luxtag startup uses block chain technology to come up with tamper-proof certificates that act as proof of authenticity. You should remember that luxury items, for example, watches and handbags come with serial numbers or certificates, but some of them might be counterfeited. Luxtag uses block chain to add an additional layer of security.

The main reason why block chain technology is efficient is in how the information is stored. For instance, as a distributed database, the data will be stored in several servers, meaning any time a change is made, it will be shared. That means other servers will have to verify it before changes are made.


You may love dining in the outdoors. One New technology in Malaysia that you should check out is Umai. Its aim is to provide you with smooth experience when it comes to the restaurant booking process. That’s by using information available on social media platforms to personalize the guest’s dining experience.

Umai allows you to choose your preferred tables and areas, for example, new windows or in the Sushi bar. The company can profile you using your social media posts and other traits that you show online. It’s important to keep in mind that Umai only uses information that you avail to the public, meaning no intrusion to your privacy.


MyCash Online

Most Malaysians have access to bank accounts and credit cards. However, for foreigners, accessing these services may be difficult. MyCash Online aims to fill this gap by enabling those without bank accounts and migrants to have to access these important services.

That means foreigners and expats can access services such as paying bills, making remittances, buying plane and bus tickets and topping us their phone credit. This service is available in several languages that include Nepali, Hindi, Bahasa, Malaysia, Bengali, Indonesian and English.


Booku ( is a P2P (peer-to-peer) book rental platform. Most people only get to read a book once. Booku aims to provide university students with a solution that enables them to get access to books. If you have books that you no longer need, you can rent them out to juniors.

Owners set the book rental prices. Booku advises owners to rent a book at 1-2% of its current market value for every day. On the other hand, if the user stays with the book beyond the agreed period, they can be hit with a late fee. Another thing is that the user can buy the book if they love it.

Glueck Technologies

Glueck Technologies advertising boards come up with ads depending on the viewers. They use artificial intelligence, facial recognition and deep machine learning to detect and then analyze in real-time the age, gender, emotional state and attention span of the ad viewers.

It uses a camera that takes a snapshot after a few microseconds and processes the resulting information against a database (proprietary) made up of more than 5 million people from 65 countries. Remember expressions are universal, for instance, smiling. Keep in mind that Glueck is German refers to happiness.

Wrapping Up

Information and communication technology Malaysia is continually evolving to make it easier for users to carry out their daily activities with ease. The above five startups provide you with new technologies that you should check out today.

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