Grab Driver In Malaysia

GrabCar has been part of the core of Malaysia transportation services since 2015. Up til today, there are more than 300,000 registered Grab Drivers in Malaysia though majority of them are part-time drivers.

Due to COVID19, even though the economy has declined. Grab Drivers still manage to make some living to make ends meet. However these drivers are mostly registered way before March 2020 before the MCO (Movement Control Order) kicks in.

For now, the latest components to register as a Grab Driver as below:
1) PSV(Public Service Vehicle License)
2) JPJ Medical Check-Up
3) Puspakom (E-Hailing Inspection) for vehicle 3 years and above
4) Malaysian Citizen 21 years old and above
5) Valid Malaysia Driving License D/DA
6) Own a car manufactured 2011 and above


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