Benefits of integrating AI with AR and VR

Benefits of integrating AI with AR and VR

The way we interact with an object, system, and people is also changed. In the digital era, Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our everyday activities. Countless technologies that are used in our daily life are influenced by Artificial Intelligence.

Many tech giants are focusing on technologies like Augmented reality, virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning. These are the technologies with which the future is fabricating conveniently.

The tools available for the technologies are fickle and it is difficult to distinguish how AR works with AI. This article elucidates the benefits of using augmented reality with AI for better user experiences.

AI in the Educational sector

Artificial Intelligence is certainly important when it comes to education. The virtual trainer should be more exclusive rather than a static trainer. Blending artificial intelligence with XR technology is an excellent way to educate the future generation. Possibly, AI with AR, VR, and MR will be the next big leap in the education industry and learners will be experiencing a whole new level of education.

There is more room for engaging and interactive classroom sessions in a few years from now. However, a few educational organizations have already started implementing the technologies. AI can definitely help learners by inculcating more information and customizing the virtual reality as per the norms.

When AI influences social media 

Initially, it was just Facebook but now, there are several digital platforms where the content creators are contending to keep the users engaged. The evolution of social media is just astounding and it is not going to stop for now. Facebook has started using virtual reality. Pictures of a user can be transformed into character avatars to use digital media in a personalized way.

Personalized shopping experience is always a plus 

Executing sentiment analysis like Social Media Monitoring, Brand Monitoring, Customer Support, Customer Feedback, and Market Research will help to enhance the virtual environments. Combining Artificial intelligence and natural language processing to process sentiment data will improve customer interaction. There is more to explore in e-tailing to enhance customer experience using AI-fueled AR/VR.

AI plays a major role in the Gaming Industry 

The revolution in the gaming industry commenced with the launch of Pokemon Go which created revenue of nearly a thousand million dollars. Both AR and VR have changed the gaming industry. Gamers will be witnessing a lot more in the upcoming years.

Travel and tourism take a turn 

Previously, traveling to an unknown place has been never easier. We pack our bags and book tickets online to start our journey. A few features have incorporated to help customers in a better way. From checking the hotel rooms to navigation apps, going on a trip is way too easier nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence is dominating several industries. Major sectors that have seen drastic changes are listed above. Every industry needs to embrace change and provide the best user experience to the target audience with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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