Do you know about these 5 festive events in Delhi

True Elegance And Uniqueness

Delhi is a city which attracts tourist for its true elegance and uniqueness. Here I am coming to some secret festive events which is held in Delhi and enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Know first, let’s talk about the elegance of Delhi traditions and culture.

Elegance of Delhi traditions and culture

The Indian capital Delhi is the largest tourist hub and so festive events from a main piece of Delhi ethnicity and traditions. If you are from Delhi You have to be familiar with its traditions and culture and the most beautiful events and festivals that Includes Lohri, Dussera, International Mango festival, Tryst, Qutub Festival and so many more. Now if you are a very interested in Traveling, you can’t miss these famous festivals and events of Delhi. Delhi has so many elegantly to visit. You should explore at least for one or two days. Book Your delhi one day tour package now, enjoy these five incredible events in Delhi and explore the true elegance of India.

Beautiful Dussera Celebration

It is one of the attractive Delhi events of about 10 days. People celebrate and express joy in this festival by burning the effigy of Ravana on the 10th day of desire and enjoy the victory of the good over the evil power. 2020 Dussera falls on the 25th of October, Sunday. So get ready to involve yourself in the event celebration of life, this year on Dussera festival Delhi.

Amazing Traditional Lohri Celebration

Lohri is very beautiful festival, which is celebrated in Delhi also, by singing as well as dancing, with bonfires held mostly during the month of January. Which is celebrated mainly by Sikhs and Hindus all over the India, celebrated the end of winter season and is by tradition believed to greeting to the sun in the north hemisphere. Observed a night before Makar Sankranti, this occasion involves a Pooja Parikrama around the bonfire with some flowers and some enough (crops) in the hands. It is associated with harvesting Rabi crops and people take a variety of food items like peanuts, flours, etc. to show thankfulness to God for yielding a good harvest.

International Mango festival

It is a unique festival to celebrate in some places India. Delhi celebrates this unique festival of India in a vast event. It is celebrated in July every year, only for two days. You can taste Different varieties of good quality mangoes like himsagar, choruses, Malda, Siamese, Bali, Mallika, Galicia, alphanso, Nigerian choir, fascia, shaman, then, amrapali, ruchika and lots of more. The international Mango festival is Celebrated in Delhi’s Talkatora stadium. In this festival numerous mango growers from all over India come and take part in this festival. This event to represent the mouth watering taste varieties of mangoes. You will be delighted to relish the high quality delicious mangoes. It is one of the most elite festival in Delhi and also very profitable. International Mango festival 2020 will take place from 7th July to 8th July. So grab this yummy event in Delhi and get re-energized.

Wonderful Qutub Festival Celebration

The Qutub Festival is a three day festival. This event represents the true culture and tradition of Delhi. You can be present at this event in the establishment of Qutub Minar during the month of October and November and can have an initiative and view about the wealthy enlightening tradition of the country. Here you can enjoy various dance and invigorating music from the celebrated artists of the country, will be revitalized with the liveliness of the site. Take hold of this magnificent event in the month of October 2020 and treat your wits in a pleasant way.

Technology festival Tryst

You can also seize the science and technology event in Delhi in the month between February-March organized by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Students from various parts of the country come to join a visit to this technological event and can believe, create, compete, design and treat in many technological appliances. If you are a student of engineering and technology, you can nurture your budding scientific talent in the fields of designing, robotics, computers and many other spheres. Join this incredible Delhi event and get treated with a series of workshops, exhibitions and science shows.

You can also seize the science and technology event in Delhi in the month between February-March organized by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. People from all over India come and enjoy the Latest technologies and increase their knowledge in science and technology. And also students across the India come and take part in the festival and explore their creativity to show the power of technologies in daily life. If you are student then you should come to visit this festival. After Enjoy the trip to Delhi you should also visit the Taj city Agra. book your road trip delhi to agra by car.



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