How do I become a wardrobe stylist?

There are a number of ways for someone who wants to become a wardrobe stylist. This task involves building wardrobes for customers, usually for celebrities. Cloakroom stylists can also work with other people who are important to the public, e.g. B. with politicians, real estate agents, etc. A cloakroom stylist not only helps customers create wardrobes, but also designs them for certain appearances such as photo shoots and interviews, selects the items of clothing suitable for the occasion and creates a look that goes with the picture fits that the customer wants to present.

The basic requirement for someone who wants to become a wardrobe stylist is a good eye for fashion and generally good taste. Someone who has a good sense of style has already laid the foundation. It can be helpful to have a somewhat unique or quirky look that stands out, accompanied by the ability to create a wide range of looks, from very conservative and simple styles to more bizarre ones.

Some people become wardrobe stylists by training with an existing stylist. Not all cloakroom stylists offer training opportunities, but some are ready to hire an assistant and provide advice and training. Working in a cloakroom or costume department in film and television production can also be useful to familiarize someone with clothing and styles, although it is certainly not necessary.

It is also possible to take fashion and design courses at a university and use these courses to become a wardrobe stylist. In this case, it is helpful to study at home, keep up with the fashion magazines, stay up to date, watch fashion-related content on TV, and so on. Since a cloakroom stylist also acts as a personal shopper and image consultant, it is helpful for some to practice with friends and prepare for events such as job interviews and large appointments.

Cloakroom stylists can advertise their services to attract customers, or try to connect at events where potential customers may be created. Many cloakroom stylists work as freelancers, which means that the work can be very irregular. Some are hired at an hourly rate while others charge a daily rate for their services, and in other cases, a cloakroom stylist can be kept in custody who pays a flat fee to be available for a set period of time. When negotiating jobs, someone who wants to become a wardrobe stylist should make sure to negotiate transportation, food and accommodation as needed.

It is also possible to join an agency. The downside to joining an agency is that a cloakroom stylist doesn’t earn that much and may not be able to build long-term customer relationships. The advantage is a built-in customer base that enables permanent employment. The agency’s employees also take care of business negotiations, so the wardrobe stylist can concentrate on shopping for customers, meeting with customers and creating the desired look.

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