Best Women Fashion Leather Jacket Outfits

He blazer in the past was an exclusively male garment, but new designers have adapted it to women’s fashion. The blazer is worn as a casual jacket over the blouse or shirt and is combined with pants, jeans even miniskirts. It also allows the inclusion of striking accessories such as shoulder pads, chains, studs etc.

It is important to keep these recommendations in mind when choosing a Blazer for you, regardless of the color or type of fabric, its shape and how it adapts to your body will make this female garment your best ally

They are the base of your wardrobe and will help you get different combinations to get the casual look we are looking for. Keep in mind that in general you will need them in neutral colors such as black, blue, beige, white or gray to make it easier to accommodate them with other garments.

Aim the infallible in your closet for this look: A black or blue blazer; a white blouse (simple, without too many details or appliques); a classic, straight and plain jean; a black polo shirt (cotton and no print); a trench an open cardigan; and a Best Women Fashion Leather Jacket Outfits. Any of these garments will help you create a casual image, but with a chic touch. For example, the blazer’s trick is basic. If you have a meeting where you want to look good, you can wear it over your outfit and hide, for example, a shirt too sporty. Accompany the look with a cute necklace!

So is! High-waited pants were a trend in the 80s, today this cut returns with greater force in all types of garments and should not be missing in your closet. The good thing is that it is recommended for all women, no matter what type of body they have, because it is always flattering because it stylizes, conceals the belly and refines the waist, provided it is the right size.


If you wear pants like this, your legs will look longer and you will hide what you don’t like about your body, especially your abdomen.

By stylizing the figure, refining the waist and concealing the rolls, the high-cut cut helps you look thinner and more comfortable. You can sit anywhere without worrying because the stomach rolls are noticeable. (What happens with the low-rise pants).

You can wear the pants with a basic blouse tucked into the pants, which will make your waist look smaller.

In women of short stature with this trouser cut that ends up to the height of your belly button, it will make your legs look longer than they really are and gives an optical effect of greater height than if you combine with well-stylized heels. Image will be great.

This cut will make your figure look stylized, if you are very thin it will define the hips and waist, but if you are a little full it will hide your hip. For women whose tail or hip are very bulky they should make sure to use it with a basic color (black, brown, dark blue) and without prints, remember the light colors give volume and for nothing in the world the animal prints.

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