Responsibilities of a Company Secretary Malaysia

Who is eligible of company secretary Malaysia

The person who passed from SSM after exam and qualified member of ICS in Malaysia. SSM exam process is any graduate person can attend in exam who has experience of 5 years. Yes, candidates must have practical secretarial experience to meet requirement of SSM. Attending tanning program in SSM is must for all license secretary. Whereas chartered secretary qualified person can become secretary as law. Member of chartered secretary is not required to obtaining license from SSM. Lawyer and other professionals are not eligible to act as Company Secretary in Malaysia. All companies must appoint a secretary by law to take care legal formalities. Some of the public limited listing companies have multiple secretary.

What are the 20 major responsibilities of a company secretary in Malaysia?

  1. Act as a company secretary.
  2. Be updated of changes any law.
  3. Guide to the directors of the company.
  4. Responsible prepare resolution of meeting.
  5. Secretary is responsible to open Sdn Bhd company.
  6. Convert private to public limited is the responsibilities of a secretary.
  7. Listing stock exchange and split of shares.
  8. Communication with stock exchange, share market, auditors and merchant banks.
  9. Issue share certificate, debenture, declare of Share profit are other duties of a secretary.
  10. Company Secretary is responsible if any penalty is issued by government bodies.
  11. Prepare all papers for annual general meeting and board resolutions.
  12. Share transfer and new directors’ appointment are included of secretary responsibilities.
  13. Minutes and ledger books maintain.
  14. Annual return submission and communication with SSM are duties of a secretary.
  15. Act as administrative body is another responsibility of a secretary.
  16. Corporate affairs functions are included of secretary duties.
  17. Notice publication to attend in meeting to directors are additional responsibility.
  18. Share book and share certificate maintenance is duties of a secretary.
  19. Secretary is responsible to keep all papers up to date.
  20. Secretary will handle any legal issue of the company as safeguard.

Company secretary will work as safeguard and legal guide of a company. All responsibilities belong to secretary from incorporation new company to wind up. All functions will be made by right documents as proof. Secretary will preserve any supporting documents when need even after 3 years, 10 years. Secretary is appointed when start to incorporate a new company through SSM. Secretary is not required to appoint for proprietorship and partnership business. LLC or Sdn Bhd company run by a terms and conditions with government (MoA and AoA). A company does not do business beyond of the objectives and AoA clauses. Directors, chairman and Managing Directors have own responsibilities of the company. As a company secretary duty will monitor all functions of the company.

Secretary Fees

Company secretary fees are not fixed but average yearly fee of Ringgit 1000 to 1200. But to hire a license secretary permanently will cost of RM 4500 to 8000. Contact the following to save the money hiring a secretary:

  • Secretary firm
  • Company registration consultant
  • Tax and audit firm

Remember, as practice of Malaysia, most of the agents and consultants do not have own secretary. Never contact the flying secretary to make life complex. You can contact S & F Consulting Firm Asia Sdn Bhd as it has own company secretary. Visit their office and speak with the secretary about your business plan. Secretary fee is Ringgit 1000 and no extra charges to issue board resolution, stamping and paper printing. As practice of Malaysian secretary, especially Chinese secretary will charge extra when make a printout, chop in a paper and prepare board resolution. Miscellaneous charge always claims with all invoices but is unexpected. Secretary generally charge extra to submit annual return, filling and share transfer in Malaysia.

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