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This time will never come back, reset and reinvent yourself!

March 2020 will forever be remembered in History as the month that brought the entire world to a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and has already been declared an unprecedented event in the history of mankind. It has forced us all to modify our lifestyle – from the way we live, to the way we learn, to the way we conduct our business.

In these times of global crisis while almost all the businesses around the world have suffered, there are some companies which continue to function in high spirits and but also keep the engagement levels high in these times of isolation. One such company is SpeakIn, backed by some of the finest thought leaders around the world, is determined to not just persist, but also to keep the people informed and educated about the happenings during these times. Given the worldwide lockdown, SpeakIn was quick to identify the potential danger it may pose to the businesses, the students and the mental well-being of individuals, and promptly launched a series of online video interviews and webinars to ensure that best of thought leaders are sharing verified and credible information.

Inviting some of the top corporate leaders in its network, SpeakIn has launched a series of webinars under #ManagingChange to help us understand the personal and professional implication of this change and how to manage it. The #ManagingChange series has already been joined by top experts from India and the region including Richard Rekhy, former India MD KPMG, Aditya Ghosh, Board Member OYO, Zenobia Rustomfarm, consultant at the Indian School of Business and Andrew SNG, President DPI South Asia and more top leaders are coming forward to share their learnings via the platform. The webinars are already drawing a huge participation from many corporates. Speaking about the corporate webinars, Deepshikha Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, SpeakIn comments, “These are difficult times for businesses as well as individuals. People are looking for credible information on what are some of the ways they can minimize the damage to their business. On top of that we are still embracing the ‘Work from Home’ culture which has changed the entire ecosystem of how organizations functions. Our focus has been to precisely understand the areas of concern of business owners and help them”.

Another area where SpeakIn is helping the masses is mental health. By making some of the finest mental-health experts available to the public through its video interviews, the company is addressing the issues faced due to social isolation and lockdown. There has been a spike in the number of cases of depression either due to social isolation or due to loss in the business. The video interviews conducted by SpeakIn have been encouraging and motivating people to sail through these times.

While relatively new in the domain of e-learning, SpeakIn is also seeing a large number of requests from students and corporations for various courses. Deepshikha explains, “Many of the professionals and students are seeing this time of lockdown as an opportunity to master skills that they have been planning on learning since years but couldn’t due to professional engagements. With the schools and offices closed, they are eagerly looking to gain knowledge from industries’ top-rated trainers and instructors. We are fortunate to be able to help them by organizing live online sessions.”

While people anxiously await for these times to pass soon, platforms like SpeakIn can be truly inspirational and extremely helpful to stay updated and motivated.

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