Know about Medical Education in Abroad

If you are not qualified for medicine studies in your country, you can sit on your knees, but you can also just put on the bad shoes and sign up for a study MBBS abroad. Someone who walks that way gets appreciation from many people because you don’t choose the easiest way. Have you always dreamed of studying medicine or dentistry? Following a medical study abroad is a great opportunity. It is a fantastic choice with greater certainty for admission, but also as a possibility if you are unexpectedly drawn to western countries.

We are happy to help you in your search for suitable options within your wishes and have a 100% success rate for admission of our students. Want to know more about the many options in the field of medical health. Our specialists are happy to tell you more about this.

Studying abroad offers you many options and opportunities. This also applies when you do medical training abroad. In addition to increasing your study and career opportunities, you will build a great CV and make yourself more attractive to employers through international experience.

A medical education in abroad helps you on your way to your international career. If you specialize in the field of medicine or dentistry and are you looking for more challenges in your studies? Then this is the chance that you have to take with both hands.

For example, do you want to become a doctor in America? Then there are special requirements and you have top courses such as St. George University in the Bahamas that fully prepare you for this, including your fellowships in America.

Education abroad is innovative and of very high quality. With your acquired professional, international skills, you are widely employable and you have a wide choice of future professions. In addition, your entire study will be in English, which will give you great language skills.

Why a medical education abroad?

  1. Increase your chance of an international career in healthcare.
  2. Major medical breakthroughs are taking place abroad.
  3. Medical courses abroad have more specialization options.
  4. Make contact during your studies with recognized foreign companies where you may work after your studies.
  5. Employers are looking for people who have invested in their personal, professional development.

In western countries, The Faculty of Medicine, coordinated by the dean, has joined a project on the development and implementation of an ‘International Foundations of Medicine’ examination. In cooperation with the staff of ‘international projects’ and ‘assessment programs’ of the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners), Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, FAIMER (Foundations of Advancement of International Medical Education and Research) and several European universities an exam has been composed in which the universal foundation of medicine has been assessed.

The hypothesis is that 80% of medicine is universal, or in other words not subject to local regulations, cultural and / or ethnic beliefs, epidemiological data, and it is this aspect of medicine that has been tested. The goal is to create a common standard for all students worldwide in order to make student exchange, especially in the US, with other universities easier.

The cooperation mostly consists of on the one hand a validation of exam questions and on the other hand the development of new exam questions. In addition, standard settings are determined and results are discussed. In this way medical courses in Europe can be ‘benchmarked’ against an international standard.

As an international student you are welcome at a wide range of international lectures organized by the many study organization.  

Both in the first (from August) and in the second semester (from January) a lot of international students and researchers were welcomed during both semesters. They often spend the first days searching and asking. How do we live, study and work, etc. That is why we are looking for a meter or godfather for our international students and researchers. As a buddy you help one or more international students to find their way and to integrate themselves into western lifestyle and life of standard.

So if you would like to follow a medical study and have the ambition to study medicine abroad. These is a great choice. Extra privilege of western countries is that the living costs in some European are very low. For example, you can often rent a home for € 250 per month and the costs of groceries and public transport are also very low. That way you have enough money to do fun things in addition to your studies and to explore Latvia.  

In addition to the low living costs and easy admission to the university, the cost of medicine is also very low. This is because there is a great deal of practice opportunity for students. There are various training rooms in the university building itself and the university also works with surrounding hospitals, so that students can also practice there. That way adopting medical studies in Europe will add, a lot of practical experience is gained with real students from the third grade.

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