Cost and Expenses of Doing MBBS in Kazakhstan

Pursuing mbbs in Kazakhstan for Indian students are a wonderful option who wants to pursue MBBS in abroad, however, are afraid to do so because of the cost and the expenses of living in a foreign country. Kazakhstan is an excellent choice for the students for achieving their dream of medical degree as the country offers an excellent educational environment and the universities of the country are considered and counted amongst the best medical universities in the world. The universities of Kazakhstan are approved and recognized by UNESCO, World Health Organization, Medical Council of India and other world bodies of many countries. The best part about pursuing a medical course from Kazakhstan is that the universities offer courses for only 5 years instead of 6 years, which is usually with the case with the MBBS universities abroad. This saves the 1 important year of the students which they can use and dedicate towards sharpening their skills and to get trained.

Universities of Kazakhstan

The main focus on the universities of Kazakhstan is dedicated to developing the skills of the students and in the practical training instead of the monotonous theoretical studies. They also develop the professional and interpersonal development of the students. The country has produced thousands of medical graduates who are working successfully in various parts of the world. The universities organize regular seminars and conferences with the best doctors and scholars from all over the world to share their experiences with the students. The universities and affiliations with all the major hospitals in Kazakhstan and the students get trained under the best and the most experienced doctors in the country. Students from many countries such as Australia, Ukraine, USA, Singapore, and several others are currently studying in the medical universities in Kazakhstan. The country is extremely safe and the students do not need to worry about safety in this country. The universities of Kazakhstan also have working relationships with the universities of many countries and because of that, there are several seminars and programs organized annually through which the students learn several new things and learn about modern technologies.

Options to Pursue MBBS in Abroad

While looking for options to pursue MBBS in abroad fees can be a major factor behind the decision of finalizing a university in any country. For Indian students, MBBS in Kazakhstan is a top-notch option. As the duration of the course is less than that of other countries, it not only saves an important year of the student’s life but also the cost also becomes less as the cost is saved for 1-year tuition and accommodation fee. Not only that, the overall cost of education in Kazakhstan is much lesser and economical. The Indian students always look at those countries that not only offer good quality education but also offer the same in affordable fee structure. The visa process for the Indian students is very easy if they want to pursue their studies in Kazakhstan and it is not at all complicated. The accommodation facilities are provided in the universities and are very economical. The rooms in the hostels are filled and equipped with basic and necessary amenities.

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