Best Types Of Leather Jackets

The first is the first. To know exactly our jacket size, it is necessary to have a tailor’s tape measure on hand. It seems silly but with it we will be very precise and we will do it very quickly.

The first measure to consider is the circumference of the torso.Ideally, we should measure ourselves without clothes or with a shirt that is not very thick, not tight and, above all, in a natural position.
In the case of the sleeves there are some tricks that will be very useful. For example, when we measure the sleeve it is preferable to flex the arm slightly. In this way we will avoid that, once the jacket is chosen, the sleeve of the Best Types Of Leather Jackets is short.

Likewise, we also have to measure the distance between the wrist and the shoulder. Once we have the measurement and we try on the jacket, the seam should not fit with the shoulder, but it has to go a few centimeters lower.

If one of our measurements is between two sizes and we do not know which one to choose, it is always preferable to choose the largest size. Just the opposite of what happens with helmets, where if we have a measure between two sizes, it is better to choose the smallest size.
Likewise, if you are very tall and thin, it can cost to find the right size and we must be more precise when we measure ourselves. And above all, in these cases the main thing is that the jacket fits us comfortably.

But there are other recommendations to find the right jacket size considering the type of jacket. How should each Best Types Of Leather Jackets look according to the type it is? And is that each type of jacket requires a different adjustment. A sports jacket is not the same as a touring.

For example, an Urban-Touring leather jacket (such as the Dainese Bryan), must be tight but not tight as it is designed to maintain an upright posture. We must feel comfortable but without tightening, unlike a sports jacket. In that case, we should take it a little tighter since we will ride at somewhat higher speeds and we need better aerodynamics and avoid the annoying flaming of a loose garment.

For this post we have chosen the Alpinestars Atem V3, a high performance Best Types Of Leather Jackets with excellent protections or the Spidi Evo Rider Tex, a polyester fabric sports jacket. These sports jackets are usually a little longer in the back area to cover us when we are attached to the motorcycle.
On the other hand, in a touring jacket, there are other things to consider. In this type of jackets, it is advisable to have a little more slack in your fit than a sports jacket, since we are going to feel more comfortable and are designed to make long journeys. And remember that touring jackets should be slightly longer than a sports jacket. To illustrate we have chosen the Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex, a jacket that we have already shown you in our post on membranes.
Sometimes, these types of jackets equip a waterproof membrane or a thermal lining. The latter, if incorporated, is usually removable and makes the jacket more comfortable when we are not wearing it.

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