Top 10 Business Consultants Malaysia as of today

Top 10 Business consultants in Malaysia
Business consultant Malaysia

Consultant who knows more about certain subject. Consultant is like a doctor who checkup, listen and give medicine. Business consultant is who is expert on business investment law and solution maker. To start up new business is required money, time, manpower, right system, location and so on. Improper investment is risky and once fail to gain is caused of mental injury. So, start such business that is known, lovely and knowledgeable for you. Pre-advisory is worthy if takes from expert about business plan. Success rate is high when business foundation is strong. The person who is doing same business for a long time successfully is a consultant also. But, businessperson unlike to advise others as this is not their passion.

List of Business Consultant Companies in Malaysia those have services in more than 30 countries

  1. McKinsey & Company: Since 1964, HQ: New York
  2. KPMG: Since 1987, HQ: Netherlands
  3. Deloitte: Since 1845, HQ: London
  4. PWC: Since 1998, HQ: London
  5. Ernst & Young: Since 1989, HQ: London
  6. Accenture: Since 2009, HQ: Dublin, Ireland
  7. BDO: Since 1964, HQ: Belgium
  8. RSM: Since 1964, HQ: London
  9. 1Bain & Company: Since 1973, HQ: Boston, USA
  10. S & F Consulting Firm: Since 2012, HQ: Malaysia

Besides, there are many local, Malaysian companies provides business consultancy services. There are some types of advisory as follows:

  1. Business Consultant
  2. Accounting
  3. Auditing
  4. Tax
  5. HR
  6. Engineering
  7. Investment
  8. Sales
  9. Web
  10. Insurance

Business Consultant

The person who is expert on business law, foreign investment law and whole procedure of setting up business in Malaysia is consultant. S & F Consulting Firm is expert on FDI law and guide foreigners to start business in Malaysia. Business consultant must know the licenses those are needed to start new business. Consultant guide upon nature of business and investment procedure. To complete of company registration takes 4-7 days now a day being queue. Only company secretary is authorized person to submit all papers to SSM. Any business can start up and register by Ringgit 1 ringgit. But, as your nature of business investment capital is changed like WRT license RM 1 million is need. Investment capital is RM 1 is enough to start any service business.

Accounting & Audit

Like KPMG, S & F assist to prepare balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, full audited accounting service. Annual audit submission is must to keep the company active. Preserve documents like employees list, office expenses, salary, rent and all sales invoices. To prepare audit report bank statement and all expense copies are need. Audited accounting charge start from Ringgit 800 to depend on number & volume of transaction above as.


Income tax return is logical as government law of Malaysia. Whether do profit or not tax file has to submit being regular company. Deloitte, PWC, BDO provides tax services besides many other local companies provide same. Tax e-filing is must pay yearly basis as law of Malaysia whether do business or not.


It is risky and profitable! If investment is done in right way and right place is lucky. In case of wrong investment is risky of losing own hardworking earning. Go to investment consultant for advisory before making your plan of investment.

Licenses vary business to business, as service business and export and import business are not same. Company formation from SSM, signboard & premise licenses are common for all businesses. Export import businesses are need export and import license additionally and WRT might need if business is relating to retail. Directors of business ask for residence visa once company registration is completed. MM2h is another program for non-residents who like to live in Malaysia along with family. Financial support is provided to MM2H by banks to purchase property in any territory. Price and law are not same of property value as vary from area to area.

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