Online Shopping Hacks

1. Consolidate Your Deal Emails

You already know to sign up for newsletters and deal sites to get the most bang for your online buck, but once they start cluttering your inbox, you’re more likely to ignore them. lets you unsubscribe instantly from any deadweight and then bundles the remaining gems into a single email that will arrive whenever you tell it to.

2. Make Sure You Get to Talk to Customer Service

Having to call customer service can be trying, but at least makes it a little better. Type in a company and find out which phone number will take you to a real person and not a labyrinth of automated messages. You can also get a quote for the average wait time.

3. Sleep On Your Purchases

Online shopping makes it far too easy to impulse buy. To counteract this effect, after filling up your virtual cart full of goodies, step away from the screen. Sometimes, sites will email you a coupon if they notice you’ve left something in the cart for a day or two as an incentive. It’s not a guarantee, but if you start holiday shopping early enough, it’s certainly worth a try.

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