Business in Malaysia

Ideas of retail, wholesale and manufacture business in Malaysia.

Why business in Malaysia as 2019 and onward? Malaysia is neighbor of Singapore and Thailand and goods pass through countries. Many international companies already situated in Malaysia as they have office in Singapore. In living and business point of view, Malaysia is suitable than Singapore. No obstacle to do business as local and foreigners in any place of Malaysia.

Which business is suitable is your own choice and money is in all businesses? Knowing law and policy are key of success. Do start that business you love too. Start business as your investment capital. Small business can do by low volume investment capital.

Company formation

Yes, Sdn Bhd is right process to register a company in Malaysia as foreigner and local. It is easier and well format. If earn money will have to pay tax. SST is applicable 6 percent for any services. Apply SSM by secretary to get approval, 5 days. Once incorporation complete can apply for licenses.

Small Business

Many small businesses in Malaysia can start up by low investment. Examples as bellow:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Cosmetics Online sales
  3. Watch Online sale
  4. T-Shirt Online
  5. Motor Bike Recondition
  6. Domain and hosting
  7. Foods
  8. Fruits
  9. Bi-Cycle (online sale)
  10. Wheat trading
  11. Massage center
  12. Gym
  13. Education training
  14. Kinder Garden
  15. Coffee House
  16. Ice Cream House
  17. Smoking House
  18. Pool House
  19. Game House
  20. Home delivery food

Manufacture and export import

Small electronics, big project of production, goods import, and export are good business in Malaysia. As manpower hiring from overseas allow by law so no tense to deliver goods by time after production. Oil, furniture, electronics goods are export items in Malaysia.


Present economy is stable but corruption still active in some of sectors. How the illegal people stay in Malaysia after expiring visa? Administrative guys want to them by illegal workers to live longer. This is sample of example of corruption. Still, country economy is up holding. Export import and manufacture goods contributes on economy.

Level of living

At low level of living standard in Malaysia is to earn RM 2500 monthly to survive. The illiterate guys work in factory, drive grab, and work in hotels. The most income race are Chinese in Malaysia.

Major cities

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Pehang and Johor

Local business

Local businessmen once hold signboard and premise license can start business. Sole proprietorship business in Malaysia is easier for Malaysian citizen.

Foreign Business

Nonresidents must have Sdn Bhd company permission by SSM. Along with business licenses to be eligible of start business.

Retail Business

Small shop open after obtaining license sell goods to direct consumers.

Wholesale Business

Wholesale business has many distributes by whom goods are sold out.

Export and Import

Once obtain license and permissible to use port can start import and export business overseas.

Manufacture business

Produce goods and sale in own country and overseas is good business in Malaysia.

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