Consultant who knows more about certain subject. Consultant is like a doctor who checkup, listen and give medicine. Business consultant is who is expert on business investment law and solution maker. To start up new business is required money, time,

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Business is booming for these companies during the COVID-19 pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic has been, to say the least, grim for business. Widespread layoffs and furloughs have prompted about 21 per cent of the US labor force to file for unemployment benefits since mid-March, and economists say the United States

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Info need to know for SSM company name search
The Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is that the statutory body fashioned in Malaysia to manage corporations and businesses that are wrongfully registered and operational in Malaysia. The SSM is understood in English because the corporation’s Commission of Malaysia and this body was fashioned as a result of a merger between the Registrar of corporations (ROC) and therefore the Registrar of companies (ROB). There are thousands of companies that are registered

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Perkeso jelaskan sebab ganti sistem IT berjuta ringgit
PETALING JAYA: Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial (iPerkeso) didakwa terpaksa menghabiskan ratusan juta ringgit untuk memperbaiki masalah berterusan berkaitan sistem IT. “Begitu banyak wang pencarum dibelanjakan untuk (menggantikan) sistem demi sistem. Perkeso masih tidak mempunyai sistem yang sesuai, mesra pengguna,” kata sumber

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How to Create an Online Bus Booking System
Creating an online bus booking system is no more a difficult task. By using WordPress bus booking plugin you can easily create an online bus booking system at your WordPress website in minutes. It will allow you to easily manage

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